Public tasks

How to setup a public task flow using Portal and Valtimo Cor

A public task is always configured as a UserTask in a BPMN model. So to allow users to be invited to complete a task we need to use an expression.


  1. Configure a portal mapping

    1. See release notes: Portal mapping changed... under Minor release 8.7.0.RELEASE

  2. Configure a UserTask with an expression

    1. See release notes: Added Public task mail/message sender Fluent API under Minor release 8.6.1.RELEASE

When a user task has executed the below expression example. The user is email with a login link to gain access to the task. Completing the task will result in a completion of the user task in the Valtimo core process.

Note all JsonPointer will retrieve data from the case related to the process.
        .task(task) // taskInstance
        .form('form-portal-voornaam') // which form to use for the portal task
        .mailTo('/email') // Json-pointer to the email
        .firstName('/firstName') // Json-pointer to the firstname
        .lastName('/lastName') // Json-pointer to the lastName
        .mailTemplate('task-mail') // optional, simple text mail is the default
        .languageKey('nl|en') // language setting used in deeplink generation
        .public() // optional public will generate a landing page also

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